Hedin Environmental does general consulting for a wide range of clients interested in mine drainage treatment such as:

Dr. Hedin is one of the world's leading authorities on the treatment of mine drainage and the restoration of streams polluted by mine drainage. He has traveled all over the United States to provide his expertise in this field. He has even been sought out by several overseas companies seeking his assistance. Click HERE to view his short resume in PDF format.

The company assists insurance companies and law firms with bond forfeiture issues. We do sub-consulting for large engineering firms that need expertise about mine drainage treatment.    MORE< MORE MORE

Most of our projects are in the coal fields of the Eastern US.  Recently, Hedin Environmental has become involved with passive treatment projects at hard rock and metal mine sites in countries such as Canada, Brazil and Laos.


This project was funded in 1996 by a SBIR award to Hedin Environmental.  Since the project was completed, Iron Oxide Recovery Inc. was formed and we have recovered and sold 3,000 tons of iron oxide. 

This ongoing project is developing a method for controlling phosphorous releases from animal manures using mine drainage solids.  The project has been conducted in conjunction with Trout Unlimited.

This project was funded in 2005. By PADEP BAMR.  It resulted in the devlopment of the Drainable Limestone Bed technology which is being implemented at sites across PA.